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PSC Involvement With Regional and Federal Electric Matters

The Georgia Public Service Commission monitors and participates in those proceedings before federal regulatory agencies that may have an impact on Georgia utilities and their ratepayers.
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
The GPSC participates in the following FERC dockets to ensure just and reasonable rates and reliable service for customers of Georgia Power Company and Savannah Electric and Power Company.

RM99-2 Regional Transmission Organizations (Notice of Intent to Consult with State Commissions for purpose of affording them a reasonable opportunity to present views with respect to FERC's use of authority under RM99-2, issued November 24, 1998.)

GPSC Comments filed 02/16/99

GPSC Follow-up Comments filed 08/23/99

RM01-12 Electricity Market Design and Structure (Remedying Undue Discrimination Through Open Access Transmission Service and Standard Electricity Market Design, issued July 31, 2002.)

GPSC Comments On Cost Benefit Analysis filed 04/09/02

GPSC Standard Market Design Comments filed 11/15/02

GPSC Standard Market Design Comments filed 01/10/03

Southern Governors' Association's Letter to the President and Chairmen of the House and Senate Energy Committees dated 02/03/04

RM02-1 Standardization of Generator Interconnection (Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, issued October 25, 2001.)

GPSC Request for Rehearing filed 08/25/03

RM02-12 Standardization of Small Generator Interconnection Agreement and Procedures (Issued July 24, 2003.)

GPSC Comments filed 10/03/03

PL03-1 Notice of Proposed Pricing Policy For Efficient Operation And Expansion Of The Transmission Grid, issued January 15, 2003.

GPSC SMD Comments on Pricing Policy filed 03/10/03

ER03-713 Southern Power Company (Plant McIntosh 2005 Purchase Power Agreement which was approved by the GPSC and now awaits FERC approval.)

GPSC Amended Motion to Intervene filed 08/12/03

Commissioner Stan Wise Testimony filed 11/17/03

Testimony of Daniel R. Cearfoss filed 11/17/03

Department of Energy (DOE)
Georgia Power Company owns two nuclear power plants (Plants Hatch and Vogtle) in the state of Georgia. Therefore, the GPSC is interested in any matters before DOE or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission involving issues such as nuclear waste disposal and payments into the nuclear waste fund.

Preliminary Site Suitability Evaluation (A notice in the Federal Register on August 30, 2001 (Volume 66, Number 169, pages 45845-45846) referred to a letter sent to stakeholders who may be interested in the Yucca Mountain project.)

GPSC Comments to DOE filed 10/19/01

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and
Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD)
The GPSC is interested in matters before EPA/EPD which may affect/restrict the operation of Georgia Power and Savannah Electric and Power Companies' coal plants in the state of Georgia.

State Implementation Plan For The Atlanta Ozone Non-Attainment Area

Comments of the GPSC filed 07/07/99
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