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The Georgia Public Service Commission's (GPSC or Commission) Pipeline Safety Division is responsible for protecting the public and environment from the risks inherent in the transportation of natural gas or other hazardous liquid products. Through an annual certification with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), the GPSC enforces minimum safety regulations for all jurisdictional interstate gas pipelines in Georgia. These regulations are written to ensure safety in the (1) design, construction, testing, operation, and maintenance of pipeline facilities and (2) siting, construction, operation, and maintenance of liquefied natural gas facilities. The GPSC ensures compliance with regulations through operator inspections, enforcement actions, and accident investigations.

The GPSC Pipeline Safety Staff consists of engineers and inspectors trained by the PHMSA Training and Qualification Program (TQ) in application of the Federal Regulations. Required safety inspections are performed on a minimum five-year basis for the gas systems to ensure compliance with the Federal Regulations. The types of inspections include, but are not limited to, comprehensive inspections, operator qualifications, public awareness programs, system integrity management programs, drug and alcohol programs, and accident investigations.

The GPSC will continue to conduct investigations of all natural gas incidents that result in property damage of at least $50,000. The GPSC will also investigate all incidents that require notice to the Federal Office of Pipeline Safety in accordance the Federal Regulations. These investigations will culminate in written reports and pertinent photographs kept on file at the GPSC, with copies available to the public, upon request.

All operators are reminded to use one of the following phone numbers to report incidents. Please refer to your emergency plans for the inspector to contact in your area.

Click here to download a copy of this list.

Jeff Baggett 404.694.4079
Lynn Buffington 404.444.4633
Daphne Jones 404.291.9460
Josh Lairsey 404.291.7746
David Lewis 404.561.1275
John McCarter 404.444.4632
Mikel Small 404.291.9498
Jason Smith 404.444.0008
Christopher Swann 404.985.5450
Alan Towe 404.444.4635
Washington, DC
Response Center 800.424.8802



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