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Tim Echols, Vice-chairman
Commissioner Since: January 1, 2011
Year Elected: 2010; re-elected 2016
Serves Through: December 31, 2022
Republican, Hoschton
My Views On...

A younger Tim Echols was selected by the Atlanta Airport Rotary Club as "Student of the Year" from his high school in 1978. While at the luncheon, he met Truett Cathy, a member of the Atlanta Airport Rotary Club.  After the meeting, Truett invited Tim to come by his Hapeville office and there gave him a set of motivational tapes and a challenge. Echols said the tapes changed his life and as a result of listening to Zig Ziglar and his teaching, Tim set a goal to be a statewide elected official. 

 Shortly after graduating from UGA, Tim and his wife Windy founded TeenPact, a training experience for conservative high school students.  The program began at the Georgia Capitol and now operates in 42 states having training 50,000 students. After building TeenPact, Echols ran for and was elected to statewide office in 2010 serving as Public Service Commissioner.

 The PSC's primary job is energy regulation. When he took office, Georgia was 34th in solar power.  Now, 8 years later the state is 10th in the nation in approved solar.  Echols created the Clean Energy Roadshow that has traveled the state every summer for the last eight years. This educational event travels to cities around the state helping commuters, businesses and municipal governments evaluate alternative fuel for their transportation and residential use. 

Tim has tried to lead by example. He added solar hot water heating to his Athens home just before being sworn-in. He bought a natural gas car, a propane van and now owns an electric car. Tim also led the effort to provide the Salvation Army and two other agencies with $5 million to help low income seniors in Atlanta with heating assistance.  That program continues today. Tim created a pilot program to provide specially equipped IPADS to the hearing impaired to help them function more productively. That programs continues today as well.  Most recently, Tim led the PSC to increase the number of pediatric hearing aids in a program the PSC oversees.  Tim wants to keep rates low and he works hard with his colleagues to make sure Georgia has the energy it needs from diverse sources, including nuclear power. Tim supports recycling the nuclear waste and using the remaining energy resident in those fuel rods as the most sustainable course of action for the state and nation.  He has represented the United States at the World Nuclear Exhibition for the last six years.  Tim also has been at the forefront in fighting human sex trafficking.  He created the "Unholy Tour" that helps policy makers see first-hand the harms of human trafficking.  Tim has a weekly radio show called Energy Matters airing on Cox Media Group and back episodes can be found at

Tim and his wife, Windy, have been married 35 years and they have seven children.  He has 3 degrees from the University of Georgia and lives in Jefferson, Georgia.

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March 26, 2019Opinion: Why Georgia Doesn't Need the Green New Deal
February 15, 2019Coastal Management Program: Brown Bag Presentation with Commissioner Echols
January 28, 2019Commissioner Echols to Hold Press Conference on Update on Human Trafficking Efforts during Super Bowl LIII
November 5, 2018WJBF-TV, Augusta, Plant Vogtle Jobs
October 11, 2018Commissioner Echols to Give Remarks at S.T.E.M. Forum and Panel Discussion at Savannah State University on October 15
August 23, 2018Brunswick News: State Officials Promote Environmental Awareness, Coastal Issues
August 22, 2018WALB-TV, Albany, Georgia: Georgia Power Testing Solar Energy
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July 31, 2018WRBL-TV, Columbus, Human Trafficking on the Rise in Georgia
July 10, 2018Clean Energy Roadshow to Visit Gwinnett on July 17, 2018
June 6, 2018WTVM-TV, Columbus, Roadshow Highlighting Clean Energy Comes to Columbus
June 6, 2018WRBL-TV, Columbus, Clean Energy Roadshow Highlights Alternative Fuels and Energy Sources
June 5, 2018WTOC-TV, Savannah, Clean Energy Roadshow Tour Makes Stop in Columbus
June 1, 2018WTVM-TV, Columbus, Unholy Tour, June 1, 2018
May 31, 2018WRBL-TV, Columbus, Unholy Tour, May 31, 2018
May 25, 2018Commissioner Echols to Host “Unholy Tour” in Columbus on May 31, 2018
May 18, 2018Technology Authority of Georgia Joins Clean Energy Roadshow for 2018 Tour Dates
May 15, 2018Atlanta Journal Constitution Opinion: EPA’s Pruitt helping set the world right again
February 23, 2018Commissioner Echols to Address the American Nuclear Society in Augusta on Monday February 26, 2018
February 22, 2018Commissioner Tim Echols Receives Trailblazer Award at Advanced Reactors V & Showcase at Texas A&M
February 15, 2018Commissioner Echols to Host “Unholy Tour” in Columbus Informational Breakfast Set for Monday February 19, 2018
January 25, 2018Commissioner Echols to Host “Unholy Tour” on January 29, 2018
January 11, 2018Commissioner Echols to Host Community Clean Up and Educational Rally on Electric Vehicles to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
January 2, 2018Columbia County News Times: Letter: Let's help move Georgia toward a clean future
December 23, 2017Atlanta Journal Constitution Guest Column: Finishing Plant Vogtle is best path for Georgia
December 22, 2017Savannah Morning News Editorial : PSC Looks to the Future with Plant Vogtle Vote
December 21, 2017Commissioner Echols motion on Vogtle Construction Monitoring Report 17
December 21, 2017Op-Ed: Pressing Forward with Nuclear Energy
December 21, 2017Atlanta Business Chronicle Viewpoint with Commissioner Eaton: Georgia is Pressing Forward with Nuclear Energy, Plant Vogtle Expansion
December 18, 2017Augusta Chronicle : Editorial : A nuclear kick in the "gut"
October 23, 2017Commissioner Tim Echols to Host Community Empowerment Workshop in October 31, 2017 in Columbus, Georgia
October 23, 2017Commissioner Tim Echols to Host Community Empowerment Workshop in November 1, 2017 in Macon, Georgia
October 23, 2017Commissioner Tim Echols and State Representative Carl Gilliard to Host Community Empowerment Workshop in November 2, 2017 in Savannah, Georgia
September 4, 2017Public Utilities Fortnightly: Why Nuclear Energy is a Matter of National Security
August 28, 2017Commissioner Echols to Host Clean Energy Roadshow and Seminar September 19, 2017 in Macon, Georgia
August 18, 2017Commissioner Tim Echols Calls for Continued Construction of Plant Vogtle Nuclear Units in Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
July 28, 2017Media Advisory: Commissioner Tim Echols and State Representative Spencer Frye to Host the Athens Sustainability Summit and Clean Energy Roadshow August 3, 2017 in Athens, Georgia
June 22, 2017Media Advisory : Clean Energy Roadshow Vehicle Showcase at Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, June 27, 2017
June 9, 2017Atlanta Business Chronicle: Why Exiting the Paris Accord Makes Sense
June 8, 2017Echols to Address “Drive Across America” Natural Gas Vehicle Road Rally in DeKalb County on June 12, 2017
May 23, 2017News Release : Commissioner Tim Echols Featured Speaker at Western Conference of Utility Regulators
May 11, 2017Macon Telegraph : Plan in the Works for one of Georgia's Largest Solar Farms Near Robins
April 21, 2017News Release : Commissioner Tim Echols Appointed as Vice-chair of Nuclear Waste Disposal Committee of National Utility Regulators Association
April 7, 2017Atlanta Business Chronicle: Energiewende, frackng and lower rates
April 6, 2017Brunswick News: Wind Energy Could Come to the Isles
March 8, 2017Media Advisory : Echols to Host Dedication of Bulldog Movers 50 kW Rooftop Solar Installation
March 3, 2017Henry Herald: NASCAR Does It Again
March 1, 2017Savannah Morning News :Tim Echols: Casino gambling a bad bet for Georgia
January 19, Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle- the Ultimate in Recycling
January 19, 2017Atlanta Journal Constitution Watchdog: Atlanta Sex Trafficking Tour Reveals the 'Hell of It'
January 10, 2017Echols to Host “Unholy Tour” January 17, 2017
December 17, 2016Athens Banner Herald : Echols’ brings passion for renewable energy to the Georgia Public Service Commission
December 3, 2016Gainesville Times: Guest Column: PSC works to keep rates low, energy flowing
December 2, 2016Gilmer County, Fetch Your News: Gilmer Opens New EV Charging Station with Georgia Power
September 20, 2016WTGS-TV Savannah, Unholy Tour
September 20, 2016WJCL-TV Savannah "Unholy Tour held in Savannah"
August 12, 2016WSAV-TV, Savannah, Tim Echols to host human trafficking awareness tour
August 4, 2016Atlanta Business Chronicle : Viewpoint: Wood pellet demand in U.K. holds promise for Georgia's forest industry
August 3, 2016Commissioner Echols on WABE-FM, "Closer Look"
August 1, 2016Commissioner Echols takes part in ribbon cutting at Buford facility to convert Methane Gas into Electricity
June 23, 2016WJCL-TV, Savannah, Clean Road Show
June 21, 2016WFXL-TV, Clean Energy Roadshow
June 21, 2016WALB-TV, Albany, Clean Energy Roadshow
May 19, 2016Atlanta Business Chronicle Viewpoint: Why the Public Service Commission Matters
May 9, 2016Commissioner Echols will host 6th Annual Clean Energy Roadshow
April 14, 2016Fayette Citizen: Merger Approved, Rates Frozen
April 13, 2016WTOC-TV, Savannah, April 7, 2016, Meeting on Renewable Energy in Savannah
April 6, 2016WGCLTV coverage of the Unholy Tour on March 2, 2016
March 2, 2016WSB TV Atlanta : Lawmakers take "unholy tour" through city's prostituion hot spots
March 2, 2016WGCL-TV Atlanta: Sex trafficking tour
February 18, 2016Atlanta Business Chronicle: Viewpoint: How Justice Antonin Scalia's death could impact Georgia
January 13, 2016Georgia Public Broadcasting: Electric Vehicle Sales in Georgia Drop
January 6, 2016News: Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols Addresses Central High School’s Student Leaders
December 16, 2015Online Athens: Solar Power Project Will Benefit UGA and Georgia Power
November 1, 2015Public Utilities Fortnightly : Georgia: On Becoming a Social Media Junkie
September 3, 2015Spark: Public Utilities Fortnightly: The Mean Power Plan
August 12, 2015Atlanta Journal Constitution: Guest Column:EPA Grants Higher Energy Costs, Burdens
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August 5, 2015Atlanta Business Chronicle: Viewpoint: EPA's 'Clean Power Plan' is a mistake
June 27, 2015Business in Savannah News: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow Rolls into City
June 26, 2015Valdosta Daily Times: Alternative Fuels Highlighted at VSU
June 25, 2015Brunswick News: Public Service Commissioner Pushes for Alternative Fuel Vehicles
June 22, Alternative Fuel Roadshow rolling into Decatur
June 22, 2015Valdosta Times: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow coming to Valdosta
June 17, 2015Albany Herald: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow Stops in Albany
June 14, 2015Albany Herald: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow coming to Albany
June 12, 2015Cartersville Daily Tribune News: Tellus Event to Showcase Alternative Fuel
June 9, 2015Gainesville Times: "Alt-Fuel vehicles roadshow goes on in wake of new fee, credit cut
May 4, 2015Commissioner Echols to Host 5th Annual Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow
April 3, 2015Echols Kicks Off Re-election Campain
March 5, 2015Echols to Host “Unholy Tour” March 10, 2015
March 5, 2015Atlanta Business Chronicle: Viewpoint: Electric Vehicles and Georgia's Future
February 6, 2015Echols shares his experience with electric cars
February 4, 2015From the Office of Commissioner Tim Echols: Echols Presents Award for Innovation to Windstream Communications
January 21, 2015Echols Hosts “Unholy Tour” to Highlight Human Trafficking in Atlanta
January 13, 2015Atlanta Journal Constitution: Keep Georgia's EV Tax Credit in Place
January 2, 2015Atlanta Business Chronicle: A New Year's Resolution on Recycling
December 10, 2014E&E News: Climate Wire: Regulators ask state lawmakers for leeway to comply with EPA's Clean Power Plan
December 2, 2014James Magazine: 5 Things You Need to Know About Georgia's Energy
November 29, 2014Savannah Morning News: Utility and Regulators Push Back on Carbon Cutting Plan for Georgia
October 21, 2014Atlanta Business Chronicle: Turning old bombs into carbon-free electricity
October 8, 2014Op-Ed: Five Things You Need to Know About Georgia's Energy
September 25, 2014Commissioner Tim Echols to Speak in Savannah on September 26, 2014
September 15, 2014Atlanta Business Chronicle: How Truett Cathy Changed a Young Person's Life
September 4, 2014Echols Hosts Lunch and Learn Session on Human Trafficking in the Atlanta Metro Area
August 8, 2014Atlanta Business Chronicle: Echols: Georgia has a good start using wind energy
July 29, 2014Commissioner Echols Remarks at EPA Clean Power Rules Hearing in Atlanta, Georgia on July 29, 2014
July 21, 2014Georgia EMC Magazine: EPA Regulations on the Way
July 8, 2014Atlanta Journal Constitution Guest Column: Regulations Could Exceed EPA Authority
June 27, 2014Atlanta Business Chronicle Guest Column: EPA Regs Will Hurt Business and Consumers
June 16, 2014Athens Banner Herald Editorial: New Carbon Rule is Administrative Overreach
June 16, 2014Columbia News Times: Alternative Fueled Vehicles Roadshow Comes to Columbia County
June 4, 2014Georgia Power Adding Wind, Boosting Solar
June 2, 2014Georgia Trend:Sustainable Georgia: Charging Up
May 29, 2014Brunswick News, May 23, 2014: Georgia Power to Buy Wind Energy
May 12, 2014Athens Banner Herald : UGA Installs First Public Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger in Athens Area
May 7, 2014From the Office of Commissioner Tim Echols: Echols’ Electric Car Gets First Charge at UGA
April 22, 2014A Tribute to My Mom
April 14, 2014Tifton Gazette, April 11, 2014: Commissioner Echols Visits UGA Tifton Campus
March 18, 2014Commission Urges Congress to Act to End Georgia Ratepayers Fees for Nuclear Waste Disposal Site
March 3, 2014Opinion: Atlanta Business Chronicle: Wrong Idea Wrong Time (on Electric Vehicle Tax Credit)
February 14, 20144th Annual Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow Announces Georgia Host Cities for Statewide Tour in June
December 4, 2013Op Ed: Holidays are good time to find ways to serve humanity
September 6, 2013Op Ed Celebration of Marriage
September 6, 2013Savannah Morning News "Savannah Explores Electric Car Future"
July 26, 2013Athens Banner Herald Editorial: Nuclear Power Can Be Economic Boon to Southeast
July 18, 2013Echols questions Georgia Power on overruns
July 17, 2013PSC approves energy plan
July 12, 2013Echols explains his vote on solar
July 5, 2013Op Ed Athens Banner Herald Germans have interesting model for energy transition
July 1, 2013Commissioner Tim Echols Reports on Study of German Energy Policies
June 20, 2013Roadshow in Columbus: WTVM-TV
June 20, 2013Roadshow in Columbus: WRBL-TV
June 7, 2013Echols brings Roadshow to Macon
June 5, 2013Roadshow video coverage from Dalton
June 3, 2013Echols takes Roadshow to Athens
June 1, 2013Echols teams up with McDonald on solar
May 30, 2013Echols and Atl Fuel Vehicle Roadshow comes to Athens
May 16, 2013Georgia lauded for natural gas deregulation
May 9, 2013Echols holds Twitter town hall
April 24, 2013NEM to Confer Public Service Leadership and Industry Leadership Awards
April 22, 2013Commissioner Echols speaks on Earth Day in Macon about saving money on power bills
March 15, 2013Public service commissioner talks Vogtle, rate increases for customers
February 15, 2013When $5 is better than free
January 28, 2013Akins Ford is going green
January 12, 2013Georgia Power shutting plants to meet federal environmental regulations
December 23, 2012New Nuclear Plant Hits Some Snags
November 30, 2012PSC lowers electric rates
November 2, 2012Energy Efficiency saves everyone money
October 26, 2012Echols: Time to reassert value of working with hands
October 11, 2012Commissioner Echols attends grand opening of largest CNG facility in state
August 1, 2012Opinion “What Chicago and Boston May not Know About Chick-Fil-A”
June 12, 2012WTOC-TV, Savannah “Cars of the Future Already on the Road” - Part 1
June 12, 2012WTOC-TV, Savannah “Cars of the Future Already on the Road” - Part 2
June 9, 2012Atlanta Business Chronicle Op-Ed “When as Adverb is Worth $3.2 Million”
May 18, 2012Athens Banner Herald Op-Ed “No one is above the law”
May 11, 2012Guest Column “No One Is Above the Law”
May 8, 2012Photos of Commissioner Echols for download: Photo 2
May 8, 2012Photos of Commissioner Echols for download: Photo 3
May 8, 2012Photos of Commissioner Echols for download: Photo 1
April 26, 2012Atlanta Business Chronicle editorial ”Finally Some Good News on the Energe Front“
April 11, 2012Editorial “One Is the Loneliest Number‘
March 13, 2012WTOC-TV, Savannah “Truman Parkway Construction Halted After Gas Line Rupture”
March 13, 2012WSAV-TV, Savannah “State, Local Officials Investigate Cause of White Bluff Road Gas Leaks”
February 6, 2012Op-Ed “Echols Seeks Reforms for Nuclear Waste management”
December 26, 2011Op-Ed Athens Banner Herald: Solar Energy Subsidy Raises Questions
November 4, 2011Atlanta Business Chronicle Op-Ed "Coal, Jobs and Your Electric Bill"
August 31, 2011Commissioner Tim Echols Releases Synopsis of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Symposium
July 29, 2011Atlanta Journal Constitution guest editorial: “Solar Power Wins a Convert”
July 8, 2011Op-Ed Atlanta Business Chronicle “Solar Power Means Jobs, Development”
July 7, 2011(Audio) Debate in the House of Representatives, February 12, 1991 on House Bill 280, the Integrated Resources Plan. The measure passed 148-25
July 7, 2011(Text Description of Audio File) Debate in the House of Representatives, February 12, 1991 on House Bill 280, the Integrated Resources Plan. The measure passed 148-25
June 30, 2011Commissioner Echols Announces All Aboard the Solar Express on July 29, 2011
June 21, 2011Op-Ed, Athens Banner Herald: “All Aboard the Solar Express”
June 13, 2011Commissioner Echols Requests Commission Probe of Georgia Charter Bus Company Grounded by Feds
June 10, 2011Commissioner Echols Holds Summit with Georgia Charter Bus Companies
June 1, 2011Commissioner Echols to Hold Press Event in Brunswick on Solar Energy at Commercial Business
May 20, 2011Commissioner Echols to Host East Coweta High School Students for High Energy Leadership Program
May 12, 2011Commissioner Echols Hosts Meeting to Promote Macon-Atlanta Passenger Rail
May 3, 2011Commissioner Echols Heads to Washington to Discuss Nuclear Waste Management and Disposal Issues
April 4, 2011Commissioner Echols to Tour Suniva, Inc. Facility in Norcross, Georgia
March 31, 2011Commissioner Echols Speaks in Savannah About Nuclear Waste
March 25, 2011Op-ed, Athens Banner Herald: "Get the Feds out of Nuclear Waste Business"
March 11, 2011Commissioner Echols Announces Sting on "Rogue" Movers in Georgia
March 10, 2011Commissioner Echols to Attend Saint Patrick's Day in Savannah
March 6, 2011Echols-Facility Is Impressive - Page 1
March 6, 2011Echols-Facility Is Impressive - Page 2
March 5, 2011PSC Official Visits Cumming Kiwanis - Page 1
March 5, 2011PSC Official Visits Cumming Kiwanis - Page 2
February 16, 2011Commissioner Echols Supports Nuclear Waste Resolution Calls on Federal Government to Proceed with Yucca Mountain
February 9, 2011Atlanta Journal Constitution op-ed "Georgia Should Lead South in Vehicles Running on Natural Gas"
February 8, 2011WSAV-TV Savannah "Alternative Fuel Cars Stop in Savannah"
February 8, 2011Savannah Morning News "Commissioner Echols hopes Discussions Spur Ideas on Alternative Fuel Vehicles"
February 8, 2011Athens Banner Herald op-ed "Alternative means non-foreign"
January 21, 2011New PSC official becomes alternative fuel commuter
January 20, 2011Commissioner Echols to display his personal CNG car at Capitol
January 19, 2011Commissioner Echols to Announce Low Income Assistance Program for Natural Gas Customers
January 19, 2011"Why Compressed Natural Gas Is Right for Georgia" Athens Banner Herald

By Katherine Shepherd Story Published: Oct 22, 2015 (Story Updated: Oct 22, 2015 ) With the changing season comes other changes. You change your clothes from cooler to warmer and your thermostat from air conditioning to heat. WGXA sat down with Commissioner Tim Echols of the Public Service Commission, the agency that regulates utilities in Georgia.

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