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The Public Service Commission is issuing this monthly Gas Marketer Scorecard as a service to natural gas consumers in the State of Georgia and in response to consumer requests for this information. The scorecard reflects the number of complaints and general questions about the marketers received by the PSC during the month in three categories:  Billing, Service, and Deceptive Marketing.

Please keep in mind that the gas marketer may not be at fault for some of these complaints. Since a large number of allegations are still being investigated, the Commission does not know whether the complaints are legitimate at this point in time. For this reason, you should use this information in conjunction with other resources available to you in deciding which marketer will best serve your needs. With better informed consumers, Georgia's competitive natural gas market will be more robust and marketing abuses will occur less frequently.

Explanation of types of contacts:

  • Billing: Contacts regarding the amount of a bill, not receiving a bill, delayed billing, payment arrangements, deposits, and other billing or pricing concerns.
  • Service: Contacts about not being able to reach marketer, delays in getting service reconnected, disconnections in error, and other customer and service quality issues.
  • Deceptive Marketing: Contacts concerning slamming, unauthorized changes in service, and other deceptive practices.
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