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Georgia Gas Marketers' Pricing Chart

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. What types of rate plans will I find on this web site?
A. The rates are compared in three categories: Senior Citizen Rate Plans (fixed and variable), Variable Rate Plans, and Fixed Rate Plans. Generally, the accountholder should be a recipient of Atlanta Gas Light Company's senior citizens' discount to qualify for a senior rate plan. However, there are a few marketers that offer senior rate plans based upon different requirements. Ask your marketer what its requirements are to qualify for its senior rate plans.
Q2. How do I use these price charts?
A. Formulas and definitions are included to help consumers understand how certain calculations are computed, such as those that appear in the "apples-to-apples" column, or to explain the meaning of certain terms.
Q3. How do I find prices from previous months?
A. Links to previously published pricing charts dating back to July 2000, when the chart was first published, are shown in the table below. A monthly link is provided for pricing charts appearing for the current year; while a yearly link is provided in the table on the lower left for previous years. When you click on a yearly link, it reveals monthly pricing charts that were published during that particular year.
Q4. What is a variable rate plan?
A. On a variable rate plan, the price per therm can change from month to month depending on market conditions. Some marketers may offer different variable rates depending on a customer's creditworthiness.
Q5. What is a fixed rate plan?
A. A fixed rate plan allows you to contract with your marketer for natural gas to be billed at the same cents-per-therm for a specified period of time (usually 12 months) and the same customer service charge. A termination/cancellation fee may be assessed if a consumer breaks the contract before the plan's term expires. This fee does not, generally, exceed $100. Written notification nearing the expiration of the fixed rate plan is provided which includes the price-per-therm for the new period, as well as explain options that may be available, including switching to another marketer.
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