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10:00 A.M.



                                            Proposed Consent Agenda


Note:  The total civil penalties assessed for Item C-1 below are $30,000.  Of these assessed penalties, $24,500 can be mitigated with attendance at Commission approved damage prevention training, leaving a remainder of $5,500 in assessed civil penalties payable to the Commission for ultimate remittance to the State Treasury.

C-1.    Consideration of Commission Approval of Signed Consent Agreements in resolution of the following GUFPA violations:

            (a)      DOCKET NO.
40865: Gruber Construction; GUFPA Case No. 16-
                        00893; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-6(a), 25-9-8(e); $10,000/$8,500

            (b)      DOCKET NO.
40931: Taurus Landscape Services LLC; GUFPA
                        Case No. 16-01280; O.C.G.A. § 25-9-6(a); $5,000/$4,000

            (c)       DOCKET NO.
40942: Atlanta Concrete Finishers, Inc.; GUFPA
                        Case No. 16-01641; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-6(a), 25-9-8(e);

            (d)      DOCKET NO.
40978: C.W. Construction Services, Inc.; GUFPA
                        Case No. 16-01704; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-8(a), 25-9-8(b); 
(Will Culbreath, Yolanda Clay)

C-2.    Consideration for Adoption of the Hearing Officer’s Recommendation in the following GUFPA matters: 

            (a)      DOCKET NO.
38485: WB Contracting, Inc.; GUFPA Case No. 14-
                        00559; O.C.G.A. § 25-9-8(a); $18,500/$0,000

            (b)      DOCKET NO.
39473: John P. Wood, Inc.; GUFPA Case No. 15-
                        02216; O.C.G.A. § 25-9-6(a); $20,000/$0,000


            (c)       DOCKET NO. 40145: Wallis Contracting, L.L.C.; GUFPA Case
                        No. 15-03496; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-6(a), 25-9-8(e); $25,000/$0,000

            (d)      DOCKET NO.
40332: Richardson's Construction &
                        Management, Inc.
; GUFPA Case No. 15-04829; O.C.G.A. § 25-
                        9-6(a); $6,000/$4,000

            (e)       DOCKET NO.
40339: Valu-Rite Plumbing, Inc.; GUFPA Case No.
                        15-03491; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-8(a), 25-9-8(b); $6,000/$4,000
(Will Culbreath, Yolanda Clay)

C-3.    Consideration of requests to Amend Certificates of Authority to reflect business name changes
for the following:
FPL FiberNet, LLC to Fibernet Direct Florida LLC:

            (a)      DOCKET NO. 30759:          Construct or Operate Telephone Line,
                                                                        Plant or System (X-1098)
            (b)      DOCKET NO. 30760:          Competitive Local Exchange Services
            Teleport Communications Atlanta, Inc. to Teleport Communications
            America, LLC
            (c)       DOCKET NO. 7679:                        Construct or Operate Telephone Line,
                                                                        Plant or System (X-978)
            (d)      DOCKET NO. 7678:                        Competitive Local Exchange Services

(Rachel Perry, Tonika Starks)

C-4.    Consideration of Request to Cancel Certificates of Authority for the following companies:

            TNE Telephone, Inc.:
            (a)      DOCKET NO. 37273:          Competitive Local Exchange Services 
            (b)      DOCKET NO. 37274:          Construct Telephone Line, Plant or
                                                                        System (X-1115)
            Pacific South Telecom, Inc.:
(c)       DOCKET NO. 18958:          Alternate Operator Services (A-0230)

(Rachel Perry)

C-5.    Consideration of Applications for Review of the NeuStar Number Pool Administration’s (PA) Denial of Applications for Numbering Resources:
            Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC:

            (a)      DOCKET NO. 41007:          Carnesville and Trion Rate Centers
                                                                        706 NPA
            BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. d/b/a AT&T Georgia:

(b)      DOCKET NO. 41008:          Rome Rate Center 706 NPA
(Rachel Perry)
C-6.    Consideration of requests for Transfers of Retail Electric Service by the
            following customers:
DOCKET NO. 40897:          Frazer Road – Lots 8–11, 16, 17, 21,
                                                                        23–28, 31, 32
                                                                        Hall County
from GPC to Jackson EMC
            (b)      DOCKET NO. 40898:          8425 Mall Parkway
                                                                        Dekalb County
from GPC to Snapping Shoals EMC
            (c)       DOCKET NO. 40907:          1294 & 1336 Firetower Road
                                                                        Warren County
from Jefferson Energy to
                                                                        Washington EMC
            (d)      DOCKET NO. 40997:          7704 Hwy 25
                                                                        Bulloch County
from Excelsior EMC to Planters EMC

(Ann McCullough, Alicia McBride)

C-7.    DOCKET NO. 41003: Central Georgia EMC:
Consideration of Application for Financing Authority. (Alicia McBride) 


C-8.    DOCKET NO. 29311: Joint Petition of the City of Covington and the City of Social Circle to Amend the Newton County-Wide Safety Plan, and DOCKET NO. 40921: Joint Application of the City of Covington and the City of Social Circle for Exception from Commission Utility Rule 515-7-1-.15(6):  Consideration of Staff's Recommendation on County-Wide Safety Plan and Eighty Foot Rule Requests. (Leslie Tench, Janey Chauvet and

Kelli Cole)

C-9.    DOCKET NO. 36325: Georgia Power Company’s Advanced Solar Initiative: Consideration of Power Purchase Agreements for the 2015/2016 Distributed Generation Program. (Jamie Barber, John Kaduk)

C-10.  DOCKET NO. 39638: Georgia Power Company’s Fuel Cost Recovery Application (FCR-24): Order Setting Scope and Budget for Specialized Testimony and Assistance. (Jeffrey Stair, Tom Newsome)


    Proposed Regular Agenda



R-1.     DOCKET NO. 40720: Review of the Safety and Compliance to the Economic Disruption and Damages by Certain Fiber Deployments to Underground Facilities: Consideration of Staff’s Recommendation to Enhance Commission-Approved Training. 
(Michelle Thebert, Will Culbreath)

DOCKET NO. 40828: Atlanta Gas Light Company’s Georgia Rate Adjustment Mechanism: Application for Approval of an Alternative Form of Regulation and the 2017 GRAM Rate Adjustment: Consideration of Staff’s Recommendation. (Tony Wackerly, Nancy Tyer)

DOCKET NO. 29849: Review of Proposed Revisions and Verification of Expenditures Pursuant to Georgia Power Company’s Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for Plant Vogtle Units 3 and 4, Fifteenth Semi-Annual Construction Monitoring Report: Consideration of Advisory Staff’s Recommendation.  (Dennis Sewell, Pandora Epps)









February 21, 2017

Administrative Affairs


Consent Agenda




A.           Request approval for out-of-state travel for Jack Hewitt to attend the Operator Qualification (OQ) Programs Course (PHMSA PL-3322) in Oklahoma City, OK. This is a mandatory course for Pipeline Safety’s enhanced training and is necessary to maintain federal funding.  The total estimated cost for this trip is $1,850.  The “Federal Per Diem Rate” of $59 is used in the cost estimate for meals for subject trip as prescribed in the State Travel Policy and is found at  The traveler’s trip will be principally federally funded through the Pipeline Safety reimbursement (to be charged to Unit 6).  Dates of travel:  February 21 through February 24, 2017 (page 1).





A.           No items.





A.                       Request approval of the minutes from the January 31, 2017 Special Administrative Session and the February 7, 2017 Administrative Session.


B.                      Request approval for out of state travel for Bill Edge to attend the 2017 Center for Public Utilities Advisory Council Current Issues Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico on April 23 through 26, 2017. The Center for Public Utilities’ Advisory Council has designed a Current Issues conference dealing with important topics affecting the industry today. Through a series of panels, industry leaders and Commissioners discuss the current issues facing the Electric, Natural Gas, Telecommunications and Water industries. The panels are designed to create meaningful dialog between the panelists and audience in an informal setting conducive to audience participation. The total estimated cost of the trip is $2,426 including registration fee, airfare, hotel, per diem at the federal rate and ground transportation. Total cost to the state would be $2,426. (page 2)

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