Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, Chairman
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ARRA Information

To report fraud, waste, or abuse of stimulus funds, please contact Phil Smith .

  1. Increase the ability of the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) to manage an anticipated significant increase in regulatory activity resulting from the following electricity-related topical areas stimulated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA):
    1. Energy Efficiency
    2. Renewable Energy
    3. Energy Storage
    4. Smart Grid
    5. Plug-in Electric Vehicles
    6. Demand Response
    7. Coal with Carbon Capture and Storage
    8. Transmission
    9. Distribution
  2. Enable staff to engage in long-term electricity system modernization and provide for regulatory support in the transformation of the electric grid, in coordination with other state agencies in Georgia and the other States in the southeast.
  3. Facilitate timely consideration by the PSC of dockets, notices of inquiry, notices of rulemakings, energy master plans, and other regulatory actions pertaining to the listed electricity-related topical areas.
  4. Create three (3) new full-time staff electricity specialist positions for a period of four years.
  5. Train 20 PSC staff in key emerging areas that will give regulators the information needed for effective regulatory decision-making and streamline regulatory approval in modernizing and ensuring a reliable and affordable electric system.
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