Jason Shaw, Chairman
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News Media Contacts

Chuck Eaton
Phone: 404.657.2020
Tim G. Echols
Phone: 404.463.0214
Jason Shaw
Phone: 404.463.6745
Lauren "Bubba" McDonald, Jr.
Phone: 404.463.4260
Tricia Pridemore
Phone: 404.657.4574
Public Information Officer
Tom Krause
Tom Krause
Phone: 404.656.2316
Cell: 404.406.5120
Fax: 404.657.3020
Email: tkrause@psc.ga.gov
Other Staff Contacts:
Deborah Flannagan
Executive Director
Phone: 404.656.2141
Reece McAlister
Executive Secretary
Phone: 404.463.7747
Tom Bond
Director of Utilities
Phone: 404.651.9401
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