1998 Strategic Plan

of the

Georgia Public Service Commission



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Chairman Robert B. Baker, Jr.
Vice Chairman Dave Baker
Commissioner Bob Durden
Commissioner Lauren "Bubba" McDonald
Commissioner Stan Wise



47 Trinity Avenue SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
404-656-4501 (phone)
404-656-2341 (fax)



Executive Summary


Mission and Vision Statement

Links to State Strategic Plan

Major Strategic Directions and Associated Strategic Objectives







This Strategic Plan is the culmination of many hours of work by numerous individuals. However, the five PSC Commissioners were the driving force behind this effort:


Bobby Baker, Chairman

Dave Baker, Vice Chairman

Bob Durden, Commissioner

Bubba McDonald, Commissioner

Stan Wise, Commissioner



The 1998 Strategic Planning Team consisted of staff from all PSC divisions who spent long hours developing a comprehensive plan with relevant and ambitious goals for the agency:







Transportation Division

Deborah Flannagan

Bev Knowles

Al Hatcher

Helen O’Leary

Ken Ellison

Lucia Ramey

Harriet Van Norte

Nancy Tyer

Nora Blair

Jackie Thomas

Robert Vaughan

Al Algier

Phil McMullan

Danny McGriff

Maria Dorough

Bruce Morgan

Sherée Williams

Don Craig

David Burgess

Lillian Johnson




Many members of the PSC staff participate on the ongoing strategic planning teams and their work performed throughout the year laid the foundation for this annual plan.