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The "Georgia Gas Marketers' Pricing" chart provides a central location that allows consumers to compare rate plans that are offered by certificated natural gas marketers. The chart reflects what a typical consumer would pay for natural gas based upon each marketer's pricing plans and allows the consumer to see how the bills compare amongst the various marketers. A "typical customer" is defined on the pricing chart.

Natural Gas Bill Calculator

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Consumer Tips

ATLANTA, December 20, 2007 - The Georgia Public Service Commission ("PSC") has modified its natural gas price comparison chart to better assist you in finding the natural gas price plan that best fits your needs. If you are on a variable rate plan, now is the time... (more...)

Price Chart Frequently Asked Questions

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2010 Price Charts

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February 2010* June 2010* October 2010*
March 2010* July 2010* November 2010*
April 2010* August 2010* December 2010 *
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