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July 2012 Pricing Chart

Top Two Lowest Rates for a Typical Customer for the required July 5th monthly filing, using 16 Therms of Natural Gas. Please note: Rates can change after the 5th of the month filing, please check the individual rate plan charts:

Plan Marketer Total Bill Amount
Senior Variable: Coweta-Fayette EMC Natural Gas
Fireside Natural Gas
$22.59 (MONTHLY)
$25.65 (MONTHLY)
Senior Fixed: Coweta-Fayette EMC Natural Gas
SCANA Energy
$552.04 (ANNUAL)
$595.41 (ANNUAL)
Standard Variable: Commerce Energy
Coweta-Fayette EMC Natural Gas
$37.75 (MONTHLY)
$39.44 (MONTHLY)
Standard Fixed: Commerce Energy
Infinite Energy
$739.62 (ANNUAL)
$746.79 (ANNUAL)

Links to Price Charts

Senior Citizens Rate Plans:

Price per therm for both variable and fixed plans offered to consumers 65 years or older. Some plans are available to all senior citizens while others are based on income limits. Senior citizen's discount is either $14.00 or the total amount of the AGLC base charge, whichever is less.

Variable Rate Plans:

Price per therm changes every month depending on the market. Marketers may offer different rates based on credit history. Other charges may also apply. Price charts include prices for standard variable plans, other variable plans, and plans for legacy customers no longer offered to new customers but still in effect.

Fixed Rate Plans:

Price per therm is fixed for a specific term.

Pre-Pay Plans

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