July 2000 Certified Gas Marketers Price List    

Prices shown are through July 5, 2000.  There are no guarantees that these prices are accurate for any date after 07/05/2000.

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Certified Gas Marketer

Commodity Price 

Interstate Capacity Charge

Customer Service Charge

Other Charges

(per therm)

ACN Energy $0.4940

Not Filed

Not Filed Not Filed
Not Filed
Not Filed
Columbia $0.5550 Not Filed 2.56 Not Filed
Duke Energy $0.7500 Not Filed Not Filed Not Filed
Energy America $0.6297 $8.88 x per DDDC Factor 7.76 $9.50 + (7.14 x DDDC)
eprime $0.9350 Not Filed Not Filed Not Filed
Gas Key* (see note) $0.5070 Fixed

$0.5580 Variable

$8.00 per DDDC Factor $5.50 Not Filed
*Gas Key cannot sign new customers per Commission Order
Georgia Natural Gas (Fixed) $0.5590 Not Filed Not Filed $23.21 (using 1.29 DDDC)
Georgia Natural Gas (Variable) $0.5490 $23.21 (using 1.29 DDDC)
Infinite $0.6500 Not Filed varies up to $5.00 $19.42 (using 1.29 DDDC)
Reliant Energy Retail, Inc. $0.7369 Not Filed $2.00 $9.50 + (7.14 x DDDC) +              $30 Connection fee
Scana $0.5790 Not Filed $4.95 $18.19 (using 1.29 DDDC) +     peaking if applicable
 Shell (Fixed) $0.5400 Not Filed 3.95 +0 .71 meter reading charge

Southeastern States*

$.5400 fixed 1 yr. $0.5300 fixed 2 yr. $2.50 per DDDC Factor $3.41

$10.21 + ($7.14 x DDDC)                plus 3.0% fuel charge

Prices do not include the base charge from Atlanta Gas Light Company.
Prices do NOT include sales tax, which varies by county.
The Base Charge is the same regardless of which marketer is chosen.
Customer specific DDDC Factors can be obtained by calling the selected marketer.  GasMarketer contact information click here.