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Document Filing #Docket #StatusDescCompanyIndustryFiled DateReceived Date
17628625060Open2007, 2010 and 2013 Rate Cases Respectively.Georgia Power CompanyElectric3/25/20193/25/2019
14368325060OpenOrder on 2010 Annual Retail Surveillance ReportGPSCElectric8/14/20128/14/2012
14334325060OpenResponse to the 2010 Annual Surveillance Report.Georgia Power CompanyElectric7/19/20127/19/2012
14285025060OpenSummary Report of Georgia Power Company 2010 Annual Retail Surveillance Report.StaffElectric6/18/20126/18/2012
13731325060OpenGeorgia Power Company`s Response to Staff`s Data Requests STF-ASR-2, Questions 1-12, with Trade Secret Filing.Georgia Power CompanyElectric7/21/20117/21/2011
13675225060OpenSecond Set of Data Requests, STF-ASR-2Georgia Power CompanyElectric6/21/20116/21/2011
13643125060OpenData Request Response for STF-ASR-1, Questions 1 - 13.Georgia Power CompanyElectric6/3/20116/3/2011
13555125060OpenStaff`s First Set of Data Requests from Commission Staff (STF-ASR-1).StaffElectric4/18/20114/18/2011
13474725060Open2010 Annual Surveillance Report.Georgia Power CompanyElectric3/15/20113/15/2011
13302525060OpenOrder on 2009 Annual Retail Surveillance Report.GPSCElectric12/28/201012/28/2010
13199925060OpenData Request Response for STF-ASR-2 Question 1. Trade Secret Attached.Georgia Power CompanyElectric11/1/201011/1/2010
13179125060OpenData Requests Response for STF-ASR-2, Questions 1-11. Trade Secret Attached.Georgia Power CompanyElectric10/22/201010/22/2010
13111325060OpenSecond Set of Data Requests from Commission Staff (STF-ASR-2).StaffElectric9/22/20109/22/2010
12960025060OpenResponse to Data Request STF-ASR-1 questions 1-27.Georgia Power CompanyElectric7/8/20107/8/2010
12896725060OpenStaff`s First Set of Data Requests to Georgia Power Company (STF-ASR-1).StaffElectric6/8/20106/8/2010
12702125060OpenOrder on 2008 Annual Retial Surveillance Report.GPSCElectric3/23/20103/23/2010
12686025060OpenAnnual Surveillance filing for December 31,2009.Georgia Power CompanyElectric3/16/20103/16/2010
12621725060OpenResponse to data request STF-3 question 1Georgia Power CompanyElectric2/8/20102/8/2010
12539525060OpenThird Set of Data Requests, STF-3, to Georgia Power CompanyStaffElectric1/7/20101/7/2010
12473225060OpenResponse to Data Request STF-ASR-2 questions 1-4Georgia Power CompanyElectric12/4/200912/4/2009
12443425060OpenResponse to Data Request STF-DEP-3 questions 1-23Georgia Power CompanyElectric11/20/200911/20/2009
12422325060OpenData Request from Commission Staff to Georgia Power Company, STF-ASR-2.StaffElectric11/6/200911/6/2009
12370425060OpenThird Set of Data Requests, STF-DEP-3, to Georgia Power CompanyStaffElectric10/20/200910/20/2009
12288025060OpenOrder Adopting StipulationGPSCElectric9/17/20099/17/2009
12231525060OpenNotice of Special Administrative Session for Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.GPSCElectric8/24/20098/24/2009
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