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41956Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Amend Commission Rule 515-17-11-.04, Minimum Filing RequirementsOpenedGas5/3/2018
41470Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Rule 515-7-13OpenedGas9/6/2017
41469Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Rule 515-7-10OpenedGas9/6/2017
41468Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Rule 515-7-9OpenedGas9/6/2017
41467Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Rule 515-7-8OpenedGas9/6/2017
41466Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Rule 515-7-6OpenedGas9/6/2017
41465Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Rule 515-7-3OpenedGas9/6/2017
41464Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Rule 515-3-3OpenedGas9/6/2017
33719Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Amend Commission Rule 515-3-4-.04(3)(f), Identification of Capacity Resources. AmendedOpenGas3/22/2011
32987Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding electronic serviceOpenGas11/19/2010
26551Regulated Provider NOI/Rulemaking that will be on the Dec 18th adminOpenGas12/5/2007
21702GPSC Proposed Rulemaking, Re: Tiered Penalty Structure for Local Governing Authorities for Violations of the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act (O.C.G.A. § 25-9-1)OpenGas10/20/2005
17417Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Pipeline Safety Delayed Match ProgramOpenGas7/22/2003
16719GPSC Rulemaking to Adopt Rule 515-7-12: Code of Conduct for Certificated Marketers’ Advertising and Marketing ActivitiesOpenGas3/14/2003
15296Service Quality Measures for the Certified Natural Gas Marketers - RulemakingOpenGas4/22/2002
15295Service Quality Measures for the Electing Distribution Company - RulemakingOpenGas4/22/2002
14589Notice of Proposed Rulemaking re: Revisions to Market Certificate of Authority Rule 515-7-3 and Natural Gas Marketer Billing Practices Rule 515-7-6OpenGas10/25/2001
14206Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Request Off Non-PayOpenGas7/6/2001
12720Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Addressing Marketer Billing PracticesOpenGas8/3/2000
12010Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Capacity Supply Plan and Marketer Capacity Supply PlanOpenGas3/9/2000
10400Proposed GPSC Rulemaking 515-9-1-.06, Incident NotificationClosedGas2/5/1999
8053Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Random Customer Assignment (Natural Gas)OpenGas9/10/1997
8044Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Certificate of Authority for MarketersOpenGas9/10/1997
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