Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC)

Billing Requirements for Natural Gas Marketers


Consumer Rights


On January 25, 2001, PSC Rule 515-7-6 covering natural gas marketer billing practices became effective.  The rule requires certificated natural gas marketers to meet certain billing standards and affords consumers the following rights: 


1.      To receive a timely bill.  The marketer must mail the bill within 30 days from the date it receives the meter reading and other billing information from Atlanta Gas Light.     

2.      To receive a bill that is substantially correct, that includes charges that are clear and unambiguous and that contains the marketerís toll-free number to report a complaint.

3.      To receive notice at least 25 days in advance of any customer service charge increases or additions or any changes in the method by which commodity and interstate capacity charges are calculated.

4.      To have the same period of time to pay a late bill, without penalty, as it took for the bill to be mailed, including, upon request, the choice to make payments in equal installments.

5.      To have 90 days from the date any corrected bill is mailed to pay it, without penalty.

6.      To have the marketer make a good faith effort to promptly resolve a billing complaint.


Exceptions to the Rule


1.      Bills that are late, incorrect or ambiguous as a result of acts beyond the marketerís control.

2.      Bills that contain different terms set forth in a contract signed by the consumer prior to January 25, 2001.   


Consumer Remedies


Consumers who feel their rights have not been honored, should first notify the marketer and afford the marketer an opportunity to resolve the complaint.  If the complaint remains unresolved, the consumer should file a complaint with the GPSC, Consumer Affairs Section.  The complaint should include the following information:


1.       Your name, the name on the account if different from your name, the account number, the service address, a phone number or numbers where you can be reached during the day and the name of the natural gas marketer.

2.       An explanation of your billing complaint.  If necessary, submit supporting evidence.

3.       The date you reported your complaint to the marketer and an explanation as to why you feel the marketer did not resolve your complaint.


How to File a Complaint


You can file a complaint with the GPSC Consumer Affairs Unit through any of the following methods:


Telephone: Call 404-656-4501 or 1-800-282-5813 (if calling outside the greater metro Atlanta area);

Letter: Georgia Public Service Commission, Consumer Affairs Unit, 244 Washington Street, SW, Atlanta, 30334;

Fax: 404-463-6683; or,