Exceptions to Choice of Natural Gas Providers

A consumer's right to choose from a variety of service providers is one of the advantages of a deregulated natural gas marketplace.  However, there are "exceptions to the rule."

Consumers who are shut off for nonpayment and cannot receive service from any other marketer are eligible to receive service from the Regulated Provider.   The Regulated Provider was established in House Bill 1568, the “Natural Gas Consumers’ Relief Act,” to serve low-income residential consumers (Group 1) and natural gas consumers who are unable to obtain or maintain natural gas service with another marketer (Group 2).  SCANA Energy was selected as the Regulated Provider and began accepting customers under this program on September 1st.  The Regulated Provider may serve a two-year term as determined by the Public Service Commission.

Choice is governed by the consumer's location.   A consumer who moves into an area of the state that is not subject to the provisions of the Natural Gas Competition and Development Act of 1997 (SB 215) will not be able to select from a variety of providers. Instead, gas service could be limited to a municipally-owned system, a privately-held company, or an investor-owned utility that has not elected to be governed by SB 215 (i.e., United Cities Gas Company, which serves Columbus and Gainesville).   If you are using the services of a realtor, ask whether or not the property is located in an area serviced by the certified natural gas marketers, or you may ask your local elected officials.

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